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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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woman's ex-boyfriend is 42-year- old marco velasquez. police say he lured the woman to an east oakland neighborhood under false pretenses, kidnapped her and headed for southern california. en route according to an officer, the victim was able to talk from the trunk, engage him in conversation and convince him she needed medical care. he took her to the hospital in chula vista. >> that's where they stopped off in chula vista. she received medical attention. the suspect told her to tell the medical staff a false story about how she received her injuries. she agreed to do that but once inside, and alone with the medical staff, she could tell them what happened. and they called chula vista police department and the suspect was arrested in the waiting room. >> reporter: the officer says velazquez has been charged with nine felony counts by the alameda county d.a. including domestic violence, kidnap and false imprisonment. >> thank you don knapp.
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a giants fan is in critical condition after being attacked by dodge fans. doctors plan to put him in a medically-induced coma. joe vazquez reports from santa cruz where the victim's friends are just learning about the attack. >> reporter: i just talked to the brother-in-law, david collins, who lives right here in scotts valley. he tells me his brother-in-law brian stowe from scotts valley a paramedic was at the game last night. did he not see the group coming. and he was severely beaten. as a matter of fact, according to collins, brian stowe has just had surgery. he is in the middle of the surgery right now. the doctors have cut off a piece of skull to relieve the pressure. just after the giants lost some giants fans were attacked outside in the parking lot. police say a group of three men in the bay area wearing giants
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insignia were walking to their car. suddenly two dodgers fans started chasing them. police say the attack was entirely unprovoked. they say the giants fans were not acting aggressively. two young men in their 20s ran ahead but police say the dodgers group caught up to the other man and severely beat him. first a punch in the head and then kicked and stomped him while he was down. a small crowd gathered to watch. >> the other two, they saw what happened, they saw what happened they couldn't help their friend. >> reporter: paramedics shoed the crowds away and rushed the giants fan to the hadn't where he was in critical condition first. he is now in serious but stable condition. police say there is video. but the one copy they got was no good. they are asking the public for any other videos of the incident as well as information on the assailant. tonight the moose lodge is celebrating its 100th anniversary, but the
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celebration is dampened by news that their friend was so badly beaten. take a look. >> it's senseless, you know? he is enjoying a sport. supporting his team. he has two little kids. it's tragic. >> reporter: brian stoew is in surgery. they had to indues a coma. even so, they have described him as being upgraded from critical to serious condition. so there is some hope for his recovery. >> all right. some small positive note. thank you, joe. police want you to know about a scam targeting elderly people in antioch. a man has been posing as an at&t employee trying to get personal information from customers by promising them a special deal. the man reportedly knocked on several doors on cambridge drive on tuesday night. while the man does apparently show an at&t identification card, at&t confirms he is not an employee. the race is on to repair a
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damaged pipe in capitola before the rain hits tomorrow. two flash floods last week sent more than two feet of water through a mobile home park and caused significant damage to the downtown area. the flooding was caused by the failure of a storm drain. city leaders say a replacement pipe arrived yesterday and hope to to have the work finished before any rain comes tomorrow. well, they can take out your trash, but toss your old car? the bay area city that's offering to tow your junker for free. it's been something muni riders have had for almost 37 years. why today marks the end of an era. charged for being overweight? the charge that could have some patients being charged a so- called fat fee. ,, ,,,,
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the paper fast pass, which commuters have relied on for nearly 37 years, expired at the end of service last night. but the paper fast-pass which commuters have relied on for nearly 37 years expired at the end of service last night. but it lives on electronically clue the clipper card. fast-pass cost $1 1 when they debuted in 1974. this year commuters paid $60 a month for them. call it spring cleaning for the driveway. starting today people in sunnyvale have a freeway to get rid of their unwanted vehicles. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: we are in a recession and they are offering something free. but is this a service that anyone really wants right now? you see them parked on
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driveways, not exactly abandoned but not going anywhere either. derelict cars and pickups, fading paint, flat tires, long outdated registration. these are the vehicles sunnyvale is targeting. >> we want it to be a nice place to live and certain cars are just sitting there that people don't want anymore. they are just gathering dust and are eyesores. we would like to get rid of them. >> reporter: so the city is offering residents free towing of unwanted vehicles to the nearest junkyard. >> as long as you're a sunnyvale resident, if you call us, we'll get rid of that. we'll have the tow company pick it up. you just need -- the vehicle has to be towable and they have to sign the title to the tow company. it's a way to get it out of neighborhood. >> reporter: although we found lots of potential candidates we didn't find any owners wanting to part with vehicles, running or not. this house had the most. how many do you have? >> we have about 8 and a trailer. and we had others but we sold
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them. >> reporter: do you want any of them towed? >> no. >> reporter: lance daniels said some of his cars just need batteries but otherwise they run. and even though he has to constantly move his mom's '65 buick off the public street to avoid tickets, he thinks it's worth thousands. it just needs the right buyer. >> it's not a junker at all. it's a classic car. not needing to be thrown away. >> reporter: that's part of the problem. sunnyvale says it is getting harder to get people to give up their older vehicles. in past years a dozen owners would happily sign up just to have their vehicles disposed of. lately, it's been half that. >> maybe it's a reflection of the economy. people holding on to their cars longer keeping them running and don't want to give them up until the economy turns around more. >> reporter: and this program is just now kicking off. people will have the whole month of april to call in to the sunnyvale public safety department to make an appointment with the tow company and then the tow company will come out in may to
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remove those vehicles. allen, so far a very few people are signing up. very few have been doing it lately because, you know, whatever they are worth, they're worth something in this economy. people still have that hope they can make some money off their used vehicles. >> i guess the "cash for clunkers" program didn't get them all, did it? >> reporter: did not get them all. there's new clunkers coming along all the time too. >> ain't it the truth. len ramirez, thanks. yesterday the giants, today the as. >> holiday. it's new year's for us as fans. >> it's super fun. it's so much fun. >> melt away the pounds with a little child's play. the low impact exercise has more women swing their hips. and found after three weeks at sea where a stranded dog that survived japan's tsunami was found floating on debris. it's hard to believe by taking a peek outside that we have rain back in the forecast.
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we'll pinpoint the day you can expect rain as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] don't miss a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included.
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alabama losing money will get people in arizona to slim down. governor jan b if being healthy isn't enough reason to lose weight maybe losing money will get people in arizona to slim down. the governor proposes an annual $50 fee for medicaid patients who are obese. about a quarter of arizona residents are considered overweight. if approved the so-called fat fee will be the first time medicaid patients will be financially punished for unhealthy habits. while some people object it could raise $500 million for that financially strapped state. what goes around comes around. hula hoops are back in style at the gym. but can you get in shape with a childhood toy? new research says you bet.
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dr. kim with the spin. >> reporter: people are hip to a not new workout. >> it's so much fun. >> reporter: it's hula hooping. >> this is something that i love. >> reporter: they say it sh rinks your waist, melts pounds and gets your heart rate up. now research confirms>> it was nice to see that it did elicit a burn that was similar to many common exercises. it. >> reporter: it improves cardiovascular health, muscle tone and flexibility. not only that, it burns an average of 420 calories an hour according to a new study. >> most people are like hula hooping can that really help you lose weight? i have lost 70 pounds hula hooping. >> reporter: it incorporates dance moves and hooping on every part of the body. >> you first start seeing weight loss in the waist and thighs. >> >> reporter: experts say it's easy and fun and surprisingly
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low impact. it just takes a little practice. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. kim has this tip. the hoops used in fitness classes are no child's play. adult hoops are heavier and larger in diameter than your standard plastic whammo. you can buy them at some fitness stores or online. well, in just about an hour and a half, the oakland as get back to business. >> holiday, it's new year's for us as fans. so... >> whoo! >> the team kicks off the season at 7:05 at home tonight against division rivals mariners. the as them this year second year now green collar baseball in hon offer the team's young hard working players and, of course, the as's loyal fans who eat well. >> it appears this gorgeous weather was just too good to last. roberta says rain is back in the forecast. >> but we still have plenty of sunshine to get out there for that tailgating there. did you guys see that barbecuing? a few high, thin clouds.
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it's going to be a dynamic time in for home opener for oakland as baseball action. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera where currently it is 67 degrees in san francisco. it is 78 degrees after a high in the low 80s. currently temperatures in the 70s and 80s after a high today in san ramon of 88, it is currently 84 degrees. cupertino in the low 80s. if you are heading on out to the as home owner we have fernandez on the mound for the bad guys, cahill on the mound for the good guys, 70 degrees on first pitch and a few clouds. out and about still 80 in sonoma. 78 alameda. along the coast in the upper 60s and in the low 70s. overnight tonight with the veil of clouds increasing, temperature-wise into the 40s and 50s. 53 in downtown san jose through willow glen. i'm going to scoot out of the way so you can get a good look
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at this right here. we have a couple of different things going on. lots of clouds off the coast. this is a long wave trough. and it's merging with a cold front. the bottom line is it will be cloudy for your saturday. we have a 20% chance of a couple of light showers, otherwise, i think the big weather feature will be the cooler temperatures as well as a very windy conditions. that will usher the pollen around the tree count remains high. and for this getaway friday, statewide the northwestern quadrant of the state will be noted with lots of cloud cover and that chance of rain is as far south as ukiah. otherwise rain possible in the high sierra as well with cloud cover in yosemite. saturday mostly cloudy skies, northwest winds gusting to 30 could up root some trees, possibly down power lines. temperatures in the 60s up to 70 for the warmest location in napa so you're really going to notice a difference. the extended forecast calls for that. we have the better half of the weekend on sunday, with the mostly sunny skies.
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sunshine on monday, as well. we cloud up on tuesday. that will lead to a very good chance of rain showers wednesday, thursday with snow back in the forecast for the high sierra. mypix was sent to us by suzanne. lots of pretty clouds around the bay area and san rafael. we invite you to keep your weekend photos coming as well to make it a great weekend. thank you. right now breaking news. police are looking for a missing 3-year-old boy from name is. he is phillip camacho last seen on flint creek way just before noon. police say he was wearing white pajamas with mario brothers designs on them. he is about 3.5 feet tall, 40 pounds. goes by the nickname philly. if you see the little boy, certainly call police. an east bay couple is grieving the loss of their only child killed in the line of duty. 23-year-old army specialist jameson lindzcog is the first
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pleasanton native to be killed in combat in afghanistan. as juliette goodrich shows us, it happened while he was trying to help a comrade. juliette. >> reporter: elizabeth, it is heartbreaking when you step into their family home and you hear about what a wonderful manjamesonn was. the native was coming to the aid of a wounded soldier on tuesday when he was killed by enem forces. his mother said he was a quiet soul who would never call himself a hero but in her heart and others, she says he is a genuine hero. >> hard to get to know but once you got past that wall he had up, he was a very kind, sensitive gentle empathetic person and he was always -- always cared about right and wrong and what's fair and what's not fair and if there was an underdog he always stood
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up for the underdog. and that's who he was. he would have been more concerned about the other soldiers who died with him other than having all this attention on himself. >> reporter: and that was jameson's mother. she said he wouldn't want to have the cameras on him. we want to go quietly. he just didn't want the limelight. he was one of those who was a quiet soul but a genuine hero in all of this, elizabeth. he wanted to be a massage therapist. he enlisted in the army because the economy was so bad and he said when he was going to come home he was going to be a massage terms. he is the third soldier from the bay area to die in the last few months. >> thank you. much lighter note, finally some good news tonight out of japan after last month's massive tsunami. rescuers saved a dog after it had been swept out to sea and adrift since march 11.
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took a bit of coaxing to get that dog into the liferaft. but the japanese coast guard was able to as to us bring it to safety. the dog appears in good condition able to show just a little bit of appreciation and affection there. >> very, very lucky little dog. well, next it's supposed to make paying bills more simple. but the problems that some are running into with auto pay. ,,,,,,
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unemployment in this country dropped to its lowest level in two years. the labor department is saying the unemployment rate in march dropped to 8.8%. the economy added 216,000 new jobs last month. analysts predict employers will continue to add jobs at roughly the same pace for the rest of the year. president obama is saying that's good news. but it's not enough. >> i will not be satisfied until every american who wants a good job can find one and every american gets a shot at the american dream. >> factories, retimers, healthcare, all -- retailers, healthcare all added jobs but 13.5 million americans are still looking for work. the jobs report helped push the dow to its highest level in nearly three years. it was 12,419 midday and pulled back a bit and closed 57 points higher for the day. automatic papers are supposed to make life easier. having payments withdrawn from
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your bank account electronically. but on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us that's not always the case. reporter: when this company kept taking money out of her account months after she cancelled, she was furious. >> i want my $90 and don't want them to take any more money out. >> reporter: same frustration for ellen at another gym. and another was taken out instead of the agreed-upon monthly installment, a full payment. >> what's going on. >> reporter: auto pay meant to make life easier but doing just the opposite. >> just beyond irritated. >> don't let any company come into your bank account and grab money. >> reporter: consumer advocate linda sherry says auto pay pretty much gives the company access to your entire bank account. >> you should control the payments out of your checking account, not the company. >> reporter: instead of auto pay, she recommends scheduling online bill pay through your
5:25 pm
bank's website. then you control how much you pay and when. if a company requires automatic payments, use your credit card instead of a debit card or routeing number tied to your bank account. >> with a credit card at least you can dispute that on the credit card. if it's your debit card they may continue to take money out of your checking account. >> reporter: when the charges don't stop some say the banks won't help with refunds or stop future charges because the customers authorized the automatic deduction. >> they said the best thing to do was to cancel the checking account. >> reporter: wells fargo blocked any future charges from the gym. >> i don't give up that easy. >> reporter: now, there is a little known law that allows you to put a stop payment on a scheduled transaction up to three days before the money is to come out of your account, allow might have to do it in writing and your bank may charge you a stop payment fee. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. no one expected them to make it to the final four.
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but there they are. tonight, how vcu coach smart is hoping to take home a championship and make history only on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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o'clock, we're learning more about the brutal attack on a giants fan in i'm dana king. coming up tonight at 6:00, we are learning more about the brutal attack on a giants fan in los angeles. joe vazquez is now speaking with the victim's brother-in- law. so we will have his comments for you in half hour. and on a friday that has produced another respectable jobs report, how those numbers are translating in silicon valley. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> thank you, see you then. we all dream about the perfect job. >> as they say, you can't always get what you want. here's a 3-year-old's reaction when he was told he could not be the governor of new jersey! [ sobbing ] >> i want the governor and i
5:29 pm
can't! because everyone tells me that i'm too small to be the governor of new jersey. [ crying ] >> you don't have to be so sad about that. >> this was shot when jesse's parents were on the way to vote in 2009. it's gone viral. he had another meltdown when he heard he couldn't vote! [ laughter ] >> that video got a little response from new jersey's governor chris christie, who tweeted, don't worry, jesse, people gave plenty of reasons why i couldn't be governor, although being too small wasn't one of them. >> well, he has a few years. [ laughter ] >> down the road. >> he has a lot of determination. he is dreaming big. they didn't tell him he couldn't be the governor of california! [ laughter ] >> he can be on the ballot in about 40 years. >> get your driver's license first, jesse! >> everybody is talking about the weather. the biggest feature tomorrow will be wind and the


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